ProJect DeVore dance team, your newest squad from Hollis, Queens, showcases a wide variety of dance styles. ProJect DeVore was developed by Carolyn DeVore, an entrepreneur who owns DeVore Dance Center located at 205-05 Hollis Avenue. ProJect Devore was established in October 2013, and is headed by Jasmine Morrison, who trained them and later on asked Luis Estevez to contribute his choreography to the team. ProJect Devore is separated in to (2) divisions; and on occasion both divisions perform together. The latest dance competition they participated in was the Goldie Maple Academy’s Unity in the Community Talent Show in Far Rockaway, where ProJect DeVore took home the First Place winning trophy. This was their first dance competition and since then, they've been training (3) times a week in hopes that they’ll continue to be the greatest performers they can be. ProJect DeVore is known for their clean moves, immaculate costumes, great personality, and star quality. They truly embrace the expression, “Dance Is Life”.